Temagami Brook Trout Fishing

Garden Island Lodge have streams and lakes, which you can portage to for outstanding Brook Trout fishing. They keep boats on their trout lakes and the portages are clear and an easy walk from the main lake. Brook Trout up to 3 pounds are available. Canoeing up river from the falls in the spring will get you into 4 and 5 pound Brook Trout. In the summer you have to travel farther up stream to where the springs come into the river. This makes for a great adventure. This is a full service American Plan lodge. The lodge can be reached by boat or fly-in by floatplane. Their guests have the two options.

Auld Reekie Lodge is located 3 hours north of North Bay near the town of Gowganda and located on Gowganda Lake. There are no Brook Trout in Gowganada Lake but Auld Reekie does have a few backcountry lakes that are stuffed with Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout and even a lake with Aurora Trout. These lakes are canoe-only spring-fed lakes and well worth the walk in. The Brook Trout they are catching in their lakes are common in the 1 to 3 pound range with a few bigger ones here and there. They have beautiful lakefront cottages along with a main restaurant and British Pub style bar. They offer American Plan, European Plan and housekeeping plan.

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