Brook Trout Fishing near Armstrong, Ontario

Thunderhook Fly-ins & Smooth Rock Camp is located north of Armstrong and in the heart of the best Northern Pike fishing in Ontario. They offer multiple fly-in outpost camps to choose from on remote lakes and a fly-in lodge. They offer lakes and streams with great Brook Trout fishing. Brook Trout actively migrate to find food and cooler water as the heat of the summer moves in so you will have to contact Thunderhook for details on where to find Brookies during the summer. In the spring and fall Brook Trout are easier to find. Guests purposely targeting Brook Trout should be able to get 3 to 6 nice Brook Trout on an average day. The trout are most common in the 1 to 2 pound range but 3 and 4-pounders do get caught. They also have outstanding fishing for Walleye, Lake Trout and Northern Pike.

Below are camps close to Armstrong

Lower Twin Lakes Lodge is located 6 miles east of Nakina, Ontario and on Lower Twin Lake, which is the headwaters for the Drowning River. There are no Brook Trout in the lake but the river has Brook Trout way down stream but not accessible by boat. However, hidden out in the bush accessible by old logging roads are various spring-fed lakes and streams that are teaming with Brook Trout. Generally in the streams the Brook Trout are smaller than in the lakes with Brook Trout rarely reaching 18 inches. In the lakes, which some are Artesian Wells; the Brook Trout can reach 5 pounds. John and Karin have spent a lot of time and money upgrading their camp and renovating their lakefront cottages. If you were at the camp in the past you would not believe your eyes if you saw it today. They also took into account that the cabins need to be accessible for people with physical challenges. Upper and Lower Twin Lakes also have fantastic Walleye and Northern Pike fishing.

Arametastone Outpost Camps air base is located 2 miles west of Nakina, Ontario on Cordingly Lake. From Nakina you fly north into the deep wilderness. They have fly-in outpost camps on Albany River. The Albany River is one of the top trophy Brook Trout destinations in Canada. Brook Trout on this river can get over 8 pounds and there are tons in the 1 to 5-pound range.


Twin Lakes Outfitters air base is located 6 miles west of Nakina Ontario. They have 17 fully equipped fly-in outpost cabins with unbelievable fishing Brook Trout. The Dusey River, Albany River and the Ogoki River offer excellent world class Brook Trout fishing with many trophy Brook Trout being caught and released all summer long. In the spring there is fantastic Brook Trout fishing in the Drowning River below Relief Lake and Poverty Lake. They also have unbelievable fishing for Lake Trout, Walleye and Northern Pike.